Big City Beat

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BigCityBeat is Australia’s favourite Showband! Having recently performed shows in Singapore, Japan, China, New Zealand and as far as Oman (to name a few), they are renowned in the industry as an entertainment guarantee ensuring your guests have a wonderful time. Most importantly, BigCityBeat has a show option to suit your budget and event whether it be the 5 piece line-up or the full, deluxe 17 piece Showband.

Described as the most versatile corporate show band in Australia, the stunning costumes & sizzling choreography give the band commanding presence on stage accentuated by the BCB dancers and the acclaimed brass section. With an impressive repertoire that embraces party favourites, popular rock classics and a good dose of today’s Top40 hits, BigCityBeat ensures everyone has a party!

Line-ups include: 5piece; 7piece; 8piece; 10piece and 17piece Showband.

Shows include tribute shows and costumed shows specific to musical genres or a straight out Top40 & Party Classics Show in any line-up.

OR a combination of all of the above


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