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Melbourne corporate wedding cover band “Masquerade” are a closely-knit team of dedicated professional entertainers who’s number one goal is to turn your Event into a Ball.

A super-talented, energetic and fun group of members who are highly professional, punctual and collaborative!!!

If a song is a guaranteed floor filler, Masquerade will be playing it at your function! Masquerade has the capacity and versatility to adjust and tailor their repertoire at each event depending on the mood, tone and age range of the guests, what seems to be going down well, and of course what simply - feels good!

Masquerade are available for corporate events, weddings, private functions, special occasions, concerts and themed events etc…


Masquerade are available in a variety of options to suit venue, budget and the event.

Masquerade 5 Piece Electric (Female Lead Vocal)

When Beyonce met Tina Turner, did they talk about Rihanna or Lady Ga Ga? This Masquerade 5-piece line-up will take you through a selection of songs the great women of pop and rock music gave us to date. Boys should not worry, you will not lack Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, The Beatles...our musicians have it covered!


Masquerade 5 Piece Electric (Male Lead Vocal)

This Line up features our very own resident Gentleman - Andy Grant on vocals... The result is a perfect balance of class and grunt for your Event.


Masquerade 6 Piece Electric

The most popular Masquerade line for medium-sized Events. Our Diva and Gentleman will deliver a perfect mix of songs for any Event style, size and demographic. They will sing some popular duets that we all know and love. Holding hands...well lets keep that a surprise shall we?


Masquerade 7 Piece Electric (Saxophone)

When you hear "GOLD" which instrument do you think of first? This Masquerade line features Saxophone for that extra "touch of class" for your Event!


Masquerade 7 Piece Electric (Percussion)

You can "tap your foot to the music" or you can DANCE TO THE BEAT!!! This Masquerade line-up adds a touch of Afro-Cuban and Latin grooves to the mix. If you want to dance, and dance proper, this line-up is definitely the right choice!


Masquerade 8 Piece Electric

This line-up comes with all the "spice" you need for a musical feast!!! Featuring core rhythm section, both male and female singer as well as Saxophone player and a Percussionist, this line up is set to deliver some serious grooves to the dance-floor and get your event "pumping" all night.


Masquerade 10 Piece Electric

This is it! Masquerade full line-up features the full 8-piece band plus two beautiful and talented dancers to start up the Event and keep the pumping until the very end. Their professionally choreographed moves will make your Event not only a musical feast but a visual one too! Aerialists also perform with Masquerade on a regular basis. Please contact us for more information.



Break Music

In the absence of a DJ, which is one of the options we offer, Masquerade have prepared several mixes of songs that may be used between breaks to keep the event “hot”. This includes 80′s mixes, 70′s disco mixes, top hits of last 2 decades as well as dance-music mixes of today. As a part of our booking process this is one of the questions we ask you… It is important to note that our sound production crew has an iPod connection ready in case you wish to play a mix of music from your own device.


If the request is a part of our regular set-list and it fits the event and the crowd, then we will be delighted to do so. If you have special requests for the band to learn before the event please let us know and we will let you know if this will attract any extra fees. As a general rule it is entirely up to the band on the night to make the assessment if a last minute request can be played. This is due to the set structure, timings and the fact that the band needs to sound great at all times! Last, but not least, Masquerade needs to ensure the highest level of quality - and sometimes playing unrehearsed songs compromises that.


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